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Learn how to promote your crypto project on Linkedin!

linkedin marketing

Promote your crypto project on Linkedin

With over 810 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools for digital marketing and B2B content marketing. 

According to more than 74% of Linkedin users are from outside the US and after the U.S. with 178m+ LinkedIn users, India (76m+), Mainland China (53m+), Brazil (49m+), and the U.K. (30m+) are the countries with the most LinkedIn users. 

Blockchain related jobs on Linkedin

Did you know the top soft skill that companies need the most on LinkedIn is creativity and the top hard skill required is Blockchain followed by Cloud computing?

More and more companies are looking for blockchain developers, blockchain engineers, blockchain solution architects or blockchain project managers through Linkedin job search. 

How to promote your crypto project and generate business leads on Linkedin?

Here are some of the best practices that you can try to generate traffic and quality leads from LinkedIn:

Set up your company page 

It is a good method to connect your brand with the audience. You must also state your company’s accomplishment on the page and links to its other social media profiles and pages. You may also add images to stand out. 

You must put the profile picture as the company’s logo. When someone will search for your company name, profile and cover images are the first two things they will notice.

linkedin statistics

This Linkedin company page is getting more and more organic traffic and engagements.

Build your audience 

Your content will be junk if you don’t have an audience. You need to build your content in a way that Google picks them for your readers. To increase the visibility your content needs to be SEO friendly.

 You can do that by incorporating keywords. If you are not sure about what keywords to use, you can think of it as what a potential customer might use while searching for your product or services.

Share content on Linkedin regularly

Have a content strategy in place for your LinkedIn page. You need to post content frequently keep in mind search engine optimization (SEO) requirements. This is one of the most used elements in the LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Become an active member on Crypto related LinkedIn groups

You may already be a member of several groups on LinkedIn, but to promote your business on LinkedIn effectively, you need to leverage that membership by participating in discussions. 

Each time you participate, your photo and name are included, plus you can drop in a short signature with your company information on your posts for added promotion. 

These are some active Linkedin groups: 

Get recommendations

Recommendations can promote your business on LinkedIn to a great extent. They are like testimonials of satisfied customers. Get as many recommendations as you can. Set up your company page first to get recommendations.

Understand the LinkedIn algorithm

Last but not least, the LinkedIn Algo, it decides what goes into the LinkedIn feed. You must understand the LinkedIn algorithm if you wish to draft an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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