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Learn How to Expand your SEO in 2021!

Source: pixabay Top SEO trends that you should follow in 2021 Core web vitals In 2021 you need to improve your Core Web Vital Scores but it depends on your site. For example, a site that runs on Shopify will be different compared to one that runs on WordPress.  When you open the Google Search Console , click on “ Core Web Vitals ” then you will see what you need to fix. The most important is focus on Google’s mobile-first index means that mobile scores are what really matter. Artificial Intelligence improvement With AI improvements ranking factor can change from query to query. With machine learning algorithm ( Rank Brain ) Google uses to sort the search results. With help of the algorithm Google process the search queries.  The rank brain will be improved with time and become the most important ranking factor in the next years. SEO for mobile devices You must optimize your website for mobile devices. According to CNBC nearly three quarters (75%) of the World will use just their smart

How to Sell products Online with High Profit Margin?

Source: pixabay Do you want to start your own eCommerce business from home?  You should only sell things if you make money, and maintain a considerable and sustainable profit margin. According to my selling experiences the easiest products to sell are not the products that most people want - they are actually hard to sell since the competition is fierce - but rather the things you can make the most profit on.  Here is my guide - How and what to sell online in 2021! High profit margin : Price range should be between $100–300. You know why? Because is your profit margin. On a $10 product, your margin will be $2 while on a $200 product you will earn around $25–50. This way you won’t need to sell thousands of products just to make the minimum profit to get by.  Don’t sell low-cost items for $5-10 since their profit margin will be too low . Shipping cost : Shipping cost can become a huge factor for large and heavy products, especially if you offer fast shipping options. An express courier