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How to Sell Gut Health Supplements Online?

Learn - Why you should sell Gut Health Supplements online? There are many Health Food companies around the Globe, selling health supplements products designed to boost energy, immunity, beauty and fitness among other things. How important is your gut health According to Wikipedia : Gut flora or gut microbiota are the microorganisms including bacteria, archaea and fungi that live in the digestive tracts of humans and other animals including insects. Gut health affects your immune system, mood, mental health, weight, blood sugar, liver, skin conditions etc. There are many signs of an unhealthy gut. These are the most common signs: 1. Upset stomach 2. A high-sugar diet 3. Unintentional weight changes 4. Sleep disturbances or constant fatigue 5. Skin irritation 6. Autoimmune conditions 7. Food intolerances You can do many things for your gut health. For example:  lower your stress levels,  eat slowly,   add a prebiotic or probiotic supplement to your diet may be a great way to improve yo

Comparing the Best Online Store Builder to the Most Popular eCommerce Platform

Squarespace Vs Shopify  Squarespace  Squarespace is a website building tool that allows users to create and host websites using a drag and drop editor. If you're seeking for an all-in-one platform for building a successful online store to sell goods - Squarespace is a great solution. They take care of all the server management and give you easy-to-use tools for building and running your eCommerce shop . Their pricing is quite cheap, starting from $18/month with annual payments and basic features. Squarespace Pros 14-day FREE trial Cheap starting plan ($18/mo) Free themes Unlimited accounts Unlimited products Free domain for 1st year Squarespace Cons 3% commission with the cheapest plan Weak live support experience Conclusion : you can get started with Squarespace for free without adding a credit card to try them out. Shopify  Canadian Shopify is a well-known eCommerce platform provider, with over one million stores, 2.1 million active users. Their plans start from $29/month, 14-da

When You Need a Developer for Shopify

Source: Shopify developers are specializes in designing, maintaining and adding functionality to Shopify eCommerce stores Sometimes Shopify eCommerce store owners seeking for skilled & proficient web developer to fix some website issues. In this blogpost I try to figure out what could be those issues. Fixing duplication issues with Shopify products For some products could be as many as three or more different variants coming up, but the best solution if you have one main product page for each product. Fixing and redesigning website search When a potential client try and search from the search results page it somteimes bring up a 404 issue, so an experienced and skilled Shopify Developer must fix this as soon as he/she can.  Redesigning the search function can be powerful thus it looks more like an actual category page and filters so people can filter their search by product type as well as item size. Editing the product sizing drop down menu In many Shopify sh