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What is Smart Marketing Token ICO?

The Smart Marketing Token ICO started on 2nd August. What is $SMT? Smart Marketing Token (SMT) is the first tokenized marketing agency built on the Ethereum network. The SMT believes in a world where blockchain technology plays a key role in decentralization, governing, finance, and marketing. A world with very rapid changes and accelerating technological developments needs elastic marketing - the smart marketing that will fit into every project's needs and to any market conditions. The SMT will be the advanced marketing agency preparing B2B services for blockchain-based projects and tokenized startups. Smart Marketing Token will work as the fuel for the blockchain-based marketing expenditures. By using $SMT projects, startups, and crypto companies will be able to perform: influencer marketing , content marketing . Fixed fee promotion SMT will be providing promotional services for ICO, IDO, and IEO. All of the assistance will be billed based on the commission from the generated ne