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Smart Valor offers DeFi token and Metaverse investment opportunities!

DeFi token and Metaverse investments The european regulated digital asset investment platform and blockchain infrastructure provider known as SMART VALOR finally received a conditional approval from Nasdaq for listing on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. This is incredible achievement and marks the next milestone in the development of the company.  With this they are on the track to become the first European digital asset exchange listed on Nasdaq First North, following Coinbase which listed on Nasdaq in US earlier this year. Today, blockchain and digital assets belong to one of the most important technological innovations. However, due to the early stage of the industry, the best practice of governance, compliance and transparency have not yet been broadly established.  By becoming a public company, SMART VALOR aims to stand out as one of the early industry leaders in terms of corporate governance and transparency. This will increase our credibility and facilitate the build-out of o