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How to find Profitable Products to Sell Online

What to sell online in 2020 Traditional beef jerky vs vegan jerky Vegan jerky is a meat-free alternative to traditional beef jerky. Most vegan jerky is made up of dried and flavored seitan, soy, coconut or mushroom. Many people report that mushroom jerky tastes somewhat similar to beef jerky, because of its potent umami flavor Even though the category is relatively new, interest is already taking off. Why? Because vegan jerky is piggybacking on two trends. First, more people are eating vegetarian and vegan diets than ever before. Source: explodingtopics The number of people that identify as vegetarians has doubled over the last 10 years. Not surprisingly, they’re seeking out vegetarian-friendly versions of animal products, like jerky. Second, an increasing number of people (including those that eat meat) want to consume more plant-based foods. And vegan jerky gives them a healthy, plant-based snack option.   Conclusion :  Vegan jerky is part of the “Veganification” metatrend. Anothe