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What is the Most Effective Free or Paid Keyword Research Tool?

Source: unsplash  Most effective keyword research tools   Doing keyword research and analysis is a necessary part of modern SEO.  Keyword research is one of the most important things you need to do before writing your website content in order to rank high on the Google search results . And without the right tools, it’s practically impossible to find the right keywords to rank for. There are different SEO tools available for small businesses and SAAS. A good keyword tool must be able to give you the following data: Search volume : how many people are searching for this keyword. KD or Keyword Difficulty : if you’re a beginner, target keywords with a KD lesser than 30. CPC or Cost Per Click : average Cost Per Click in Google Ads. PPC or Pay Per Click : this tells you the level of competition in PPC for the keyword in Google Ads. Trend : this shows you the rise and fall of the keyword’s search volume over the past few months. These are the Top SEO tools that can give you all the data ment