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Learn what is Ethair Marketplace and ETHR Token!

Introducing Ethair marketplace Ethair is a new online marketplace that allows users to buy, sell and auction items with crypto and fiat. The Ethair platform was released in the January of 2022. Some of its features have yet to be adopted by larger retailers in the distant future. Meanwhile, with its absurdly competitive fees and support of cryptocurrency, Ethair brings a lot of novelties to the table. Learn how Ethair can help you increase your sales below. Competitive fees Ethair by no means is the definitive lowest fee marketplace. However, due to the fact that it supports a plethora of product categories, comparing it with eBay makes the fees drastically lower and more competitive. When compared to mainstream marketplaces, such as eBay and Etsy , it houses categories dedicated to sellers from both marketplaces. Market and ‘Buy-Offer-Bid’ Unlike other marketplaces, Ethair supports both new and used item listing with two different item formats. Under the term ‘Market’, items that are

What is Brain Search Engine?

Introducing the first Brain Search Engine created by ccFOUND ccFOUND - known as the first Brain Search Engine. Google connects you with servers, ccFOUND connect you with people. Imagine that you have a friend who knows about investing in apartments.  Although he doesn't officially promote himself anywhere as an expert, he has a lot of experience.  And he's recently bought several new apartments in your area and just took out a large loan for another one.  If you type the question in Google search bar: "How to invest in apartments".   You won't find his answers because he's not building a personal brand, or running a blog, or a YouTube channel.  But if you invite him for a coffee and ask the same question, you will get from him an answer no worse than the online experts who professionally deal with this topic.   Your friend doesn't exist on the Internet, but he has valuable knowledge that he's willing to share with you if the opportunity arises.  The fi

What is Kanga Exchange?

Introducing the largest cryptocurrency exchange in central-eastern Europe Poland based Kanga Exchange is a rapidly growing ecosystem of FinTech tools and services designed to encourage and facilitate widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. The foundation of their business – a cryptocurrency exchange – was launched in September 2018. Kanga Exchange is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, but above all a crypto-asset exchange (including project tokens, real estate, personal tokens). Kanga is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in central-eastern Europe, with over 250 physical exchange offices. They are successfully developing not only in Poland, but also abroad such as Sweeden, Germany, Ukraine, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic etc.  How to buy cryptocurrency or tokens on Kanga Exchange? Follow these steps: Create an account on  Kanga Exchange . Top up your Wallet with funds. You can do it by bank transfer or in cash in exchange offices and cash deposit

What is Elrond Blockchain technology?

Introducing Elrond Blockchain technology Announced in 2019, Elrond describes itself as a scalable, fast, and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases, and the new internet economy.  Elrond claims to solve the scalability trilemma with a 1000x improvement in blockchain speed, scale, cost, and user experience. An internet-scale blockchain, Elrond is fast, cheap, and efficient , and built to provide utility across the spectrum of use cases. Elrond Network leverages Adaptive State Sharding and its unique Secure Proof-of-Stake (SPoS) consensus mechanism to offer industry-leading scalability. “Elrond stands out for being a project with a soul. One which has united forces of an incredibly vibrant community of 190,000 people, spanning 18 languages and and almost 30 countries. It’s time to build. It’s time to grow. And perhaps the greatest time to be alive. Our aim is to onboard the next billion people” . - Beniamin Minchu CEO of Elrond. What is the EGLD Coin? The