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Learn what is Ethair Marketplace and ETHR Token!

ethair marketplace

Introducing Ethair marketplace

Ethair is a new online marketplace that allows users to buy, sell and auction items with crypto and fiat. The Ethair platform was released in the January of 2022. Some of its features have yet to be adopted by larger retailers in the distant future. Meanwhile, with its absurdly competitive fees and support of cryptocurrency, Ethair brings a lot of novelties to the table. Learn how Ethair can help you increase your sales below.

Competitive fees

Ethair by no means is the definitive lowest fee marketplace. However, due to the fact that it supports a plethora of product categories, comparing it with eBay makes the fees drastically lower and more competitive. When compared to mainstream marketplaces, such as eBay and Etsy, it houses categories dedicated to sellers from both marketplaces.

ethair fees

Market and ‘Buy-Offer-Bid’

Unlike other marketplaces, Ethair supports both new and used item listing with two different item formats. Under the term ‘Market’, items that are listed are brand new and can only be sold in that state. 

Meanwhile, ‘Buy-Offer-Bid’ allows sellers to list their items in any state. On top of that, it provides sellers with abilities to place these items for a fixed price (Get It Now), or start off an auction (Auction) with a possibility of reserve (Make An Offer). With an easy distinction between the two, buyers can easily sort through which increase the potential reach of your offering and chances of conducting a sale.

Ethair platform support cryptocurrency payments

Ethair is the first marketplace that natively (as well as from its release) supports cryptocurrency payments for items. A recent study by Pymnts shows nearly 60 percent of consumers wish to purchase stuff with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin shares are owned by roughly 22% of the American adult population.

ethair crypto

Ethair marketplace allows you select to sell the listing with cryptocurrency

Ethair offers various accepted cryptocurrencies for the seller to support, with the most worthy mention of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC. Ethair does help increase your sales by allowing purchase with cryptocurrency. Your items will have a higher engagement rate and chances of a successful sale. 

Furthermore, by using stablecoin USDC you can close the gap with the traditional currency sales. This allows the safe sale of items for currency or cryptocurrency, while also enjoying the benefits of fraud protection provided by cryptocurrency payments.

What is Ethair token (ETHR )?

ETHR serves as an Ethair Marketplace utility token that entitles holders to reduced fees and blockchain costs as well as voting on certain matters and utility implementations.

ethair token price

Current Ethair token price is: $0.650063 USD.

Conclusion: There are many reasons you should consider selling on Ethair marketplace. Ethair is better than traditional marketplaces in many ways. Support of cryptocurrency payments, as well as the support of a variety of selling formats that are typically platform-specific, combined on a single platform. 

If you are interested you can register here!

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