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Learn How to Expand your SEO in 2021!

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Top SEO trends that you should follow in 2021

Core web vitals

In 2021 you need to improve your Core Web Vital Scores but it depends on your site. For example, a site that runs on Shopify will be different compared to one that runs on WordPress. 

When you open the Google Search Console, click on “Core Web Vitals” then you will see what you need to fix. The most important is focus on Google’s mobile-first index means that mobile scores are what really matter.

Artificial Intelligence improvement

With AI improvements ranking factor can change from query to query. With machine learning algorithm (Rank Brain) Google uses to sort the search results. With help of the algorithm Google process the search queries. 

The rank brain will be improved with time and become the most important ranking factor in the next years.

SEO for mobile devices

You must optimize your website for mobile devices. According to CNBC nearly three quarters (75%) of the World will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025.

Mobile SEO means make sure your website is responsive, and it automatically changes how it looks depending on the device used to access it. Varvy is a great tool to helps you to optimze your website for mobile.

varvy mobile seo

Optimizing new and existing content

High-quality content is the most important SEO ranking factor to improve the website SEO score and website usability. When you create high-quality content the more users notice your work and come again and again to your website also your work can be appreciated by Google. 

That is why SEO experts focusing to create high-quality content for getting excellent results on search engine results pages (SERPs). But you should know it takes time to rank and drive traffic associated with new written content.

Google priority is a good UX SEO. You need to create a good user experience on your website in order to gain more search engine traffic in 2021. My advice is make a content audit, and improve on old content.

Voice search

Even if  Visual Search isn't a SEO game changer yet - more and more people are conducting more visual searches than ever before. 

It means you need to optimize for mobile, fix image SEO (optimizing image filenames and ALT tags) and make sure your website content is easily readable and doesn’t have any ads that could hide them from getting the information they want.

As Google prefer mobile-friendly and fast websites: website loading speed is also important for voice search.

website loading speed

Website loading time

According to Google, the average page loading speed is between 3-5 sec. for top-ranking websites.

Nowadays people are impatient when they search something on the internet. As they want everything immediatelly you need to speed up your website in order to increase conversions. According to Google user will leave the website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load.

Optimize for featured snippets

Customization for featured snippets is very important in 2021. SEMrush analyzed nearly 7 million featured snippets and they found that the most featured snippets are about 40-60 words long. Backlinko wrote about Paragraph Snippets,Table Snippets, and List Snippets here.

Conclusion: As you know SEO changes super quickly, but if you follow these actionable SEO strategies - you can reap the benefits of SEO in the next year.


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