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Eight effective ways to stay positive during the Global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

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How to stay positive during Global crisis?

Watching the news in TV has been a nightmare in recent times. From an outbreak to a pandemic in the blink of an eye, COVID-19 has taken the media by storm. Staying optimistic in such an unforeseen crisis feels almost impossible as fear and panic spreads across the World.

But, practising positivity is a powerful way of keeping stress and worries at bay. Please read these 8 tips that will feed your mind with positive thoughts.

1. Feel blessed that you are healthy every day!

Start each day with a grateful heart. Research shows that gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness. To evoke the positive emotions in you, make it a habit to bring to mind the things you are grateful for everyday. Give thanks for having a brand new day to be good and do good. 

Positive attitude is very important in these days! It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking.

Appreciate the great support system you’re backed by. Feel blessed that you are healthy today as someone who has been battling the virus would love to live your life right now. Fill your mind with positivity and watch yourself become a happier person.

2. See the good in the bad

It is so true: " Bad days make you appreciate the good days more".

What may seem like a negative situation could turn out to be one of the biggest lessons or realisations you will have in life. Take the current pandemic for example. ITALY was the second hardest-hit country by coronavirus with cases and deaths rising every day in March - despite a nationwide lockdown, italians displayed national solidarity as they sang their national anthem in unison, inspiring the rest of the world to stay united. 

Many of us are cooped up at home working but consider it a blessing in disguise to do the little things you love that you never prioritised –  pursuing new hobbies, spending quality time with your family members, teaching your children for new things, working out and staying fit. Train your mind to see the good in everything.

3. Fake news spreads like wildfire on the internet

Have a healthy relationship with the World Wide Web. This can’t be stressed enough – always check the authenticity of the content you read. During a crisis, such news can have worse repercussions, compared to regular days. Trust the news from official sources only. 

Also, limit the time you spend on the internet during this period, particularly social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Don’t get sucked into this modern day black hole reading never-ending bad news and people’s comments, and end up feeling overwhelmed, fearful or even miserable.

4. Find optimistic people around you

You will become a more positive and happy person if you are with open-minded, optimistic people - who see the light in darkness. Toxic thoughts won't help you, don't spread fear and negative thoughts! 


5. Just think about the positive things from now on, and the negative thoughts will disappear by themselves

Guard your body and mind. COVID-19 virus has taken a toll on businesses, forcing them to implement drastic measures such as unpaid leaves, cancellation of events and even temporary closure. Besides financial losses, many employees are emotionally affected and questioning their stability in the near future. 

While following the crucial steps in keeping your body safe such as maintaining good hygiene and practising social distancing, take steps to keep your mind healthy as well. Learn - how to start selling health supplements online!

Fill up your mind with positive and good things, and your life will get filled by positive and good things. Start doing this right now and never stop it.

You can work out at home, listen to your favorite music and pursue relaxing hobbies such as reading books or making an online shop. These kind of activities make a positive impact such as better moods, reduced anxiety and stress, and increased energy. 

6. Spread love and kindness

During the Global pandemic, it is the front-line workers such as nurses, doctors, police men, women, firefighters, shop assistants and transport drivers who take high risks and make the most sacrifices. They deserve all the love and respect.

7. Smile, smile and smile!

This may feel like an odd advice now – to smile while terrible things are happening around the world. You may not feel like it, but it will actually uplift your mood. Those around you will see you smiling and most likely respond with a smile back, even if they’re under harsh circumstances. Everyone knows that coronavirus isn’t going to disappear overnight, but it will be easier to get through it by smiling and staying positive.

8. Learn - how to start eCommerce business from home!

Realize that each day is a fresh start.

Change is the only constant – this has been evident from the way our lives have been for the past few months. Nevertheless, we can always prepare ourselves to deal with any unexpected realities by having a positive mindset. Don’t be disheartened, take things a little slow and stay hopeful that better days are ahead of us. 

Conclusion: Tough times don’t last, tough people do!  Positive thinking is very important during COVID-19 pandemic in order to reduce stress and stay healthy! Are you agree? eCommerce business is changing constantly but you can start making money online right away!


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