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How to find Profitable Products to Sell Online

What to sell online in 2020

Traditional beef jerky vs vegan jerky

Vegan jerky is a meat-free alternative to traditional beef jerky. Most vegan jerky is made up of dried and flavored seitan, soy, coconut or mushroom.

Many people report that mushroom jerky tastes somewhat similar to beef jerky, because of its potent umami flavor

Even though the category is relatively new, interest is already taking off. Why? Because vegan jerky is piggybacking on two trends. First, more people are eating vegetarian and vegan diets than ever before.

vegan jerky

The number of people that identify as vegetarians has doubled over the last 10 years. Not surprisingly, they’re seeking out vegetarian-friendly versions of animal products, like jerky.

Second, an increasing number of people (including those that eat meat) want to consume more plant-based foods. And vegan jerky gives them a healthy, plant-based snack option.
ConclusionVegan jerky is part of the “Veganification” metatrend. Another great example of this meta trend is the popular alternative to whey protein powder: pea protein. According to explodingtopics 

Vegan jerky has a great potential to sell online with high profit margins, you just need to find the best vegan jerky manufacturers online for example on Alibaba or vegan jerky on Amazon . So start vegan dropshipping business with Shopify!

Learn - How to Start eBay or Amazon dropshipping with Shopify.

Beauty fridges

For 2027 the natural beauty market is estimated to reach $27B USD.

And while the market itself is brutally competitive, there’s a growing niche of products that help people find, purchase, and maintain their natural makeup. Great example of this trend are beauty fridges.

Unlike traditional makeup, natural makeup contains few (if any) preservatives. Which gives it a short shelf life. Beauty fridges are said to extend the shelf life of natural makeup significantly.

beauty fridges

They also tend to run warmer (40 degrees F) than a kitchen fridge. Which ensures that the makeup is usable right out of the fridge.

Conclusion: Now it is the right time to sell beauty fridges online and make great profit in the fast-growing natural beauty market using Shopify.

Dropshipping health supplements

Collagen products

According to globenewswire - The Europe collagen supplements market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6. 87% during the forecast period 2020 - 2025. 

Many brands sell collagen as a supplement to improve a person's fingernails, bone and skin quality, and promote anti-ageing.

The majority of collagen supplements on the market are animal-based typically made from cow hides - known as “bovine collagen”. There’s also " marine collagen " for people that follow a vegetarian diet. Learn more about supplements dropshipping

vegan collagen

Are there sources of plant collagen?

Until recently there weren’t any collagen products for vegans that wanted to tap into collagen’s potential health benefits, like firmer skin and stronger joints.

While “vegan collagen” is technically impossible, products are starting to crop up to meet skyrocketing demand for vegan-friendly collagen supplements. Some contain micronutrients (like silica) that support healthy skin and nails. Others use synthesized “plant collagen” that mimics the molecular structure of natural collagen. Learn - how to sell health supplements online.

Conclusion: Vegan collagen is part of the “Veganification” of everything metatrend. If you want to make money selling vegan collagen use the best eCommerce solution.

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