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How to Gain More Search Engine Traffic in 2020?

SEO is evolving year by year. Follow these useful instructions in order to increase SEO organic traffic in this year. 

#1. SEO onsite checking, SEO audit


Analyze your website with SEO onsite checker tools. When you search for these type of online tools you can find Woorank.

Just type your URL then you will see - what you need to fix related to SEO technical issues.

#2. Keyword research: low and medium competition keywords


Find low and medium competition long-tails keywords with Übersuggest

When your website, eCommerce store needs more search engine traffic this is the best tool. Übersuggest shows you how to win the game of SEO. Just type in a domain or a keyword to get started.

#3. SEO off-site: link building


Use Ahrefs paid SEO tool in order to find your competitor’s backlinks according to DR - domain rating and URL rating. Try to collect backlink sources with fresh high DR, URL ratings. 

After that start your link building process right away - but slowly - so that avoid Google penalties!

google analytics

#4. Google tools

Use Google analytics and Search Console to track online traffic. 

You can add reports into the dashboard such as eCommerce SEO report from Gallery.

This e-commerce SEO dashboard will give you an in-depth analysis of your SEO efforts. You will be be able to see if your non branded organic traffic generates higher revenue (and transactions) that your other traffic sources.

As a result you can prove to your clients that your SEO is profitable in quantifiable and measurable results.

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