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How to Start a Shopify Dropshipping Business Step by Step?

shopify dropshipping

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As you can see Shopify dropshipping business exploding worldwide. From this guide you can learn - how to start a shopify dropshipping store.

You can be your own boss, working from wherever you want, and having access to a global eCommerce market.

If you’re looking to start your own eCommerce store and want to take advantage of the fastest-growing trends in the eCommerce industry called - dropshipping - look no further.

How to Dropship on Shopify

Dropshipping fulfillment business model

You may know: the main difference between a dropshipping business and a traditional eCommerce business is that dropshipping doesn’t require you to stock or own any inventory.

If you operate a dropshipping business you don't have to deal with any shipping or handling logistics.

When an item is sold through your eCommerce store, you simply forward the purchase order to a wholesaler or manufacturer who fulfills the order.

Dropshipping has become a global eCommerce trend because the low operating cost and relatively easy setup.

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Five advantages of starting a dropshipping business

#1. Low start-up cost.

#2. As a dropshipper, you can avoid the fulfillment process and have all of your orders fulfilled and shipped by a dropshipping supplier.

#3. You don't have to tracking the inventory as it can be done by the dropshipping supplier or dropshipping wholesaler you work with.

#4. You can hire a third-party provider who will be managing any returns to your online store as well as any inbound inventory shipments.

#5. You will have the ability to sell products without the hassle of placing reorders for the inventory that stocks out. Just enlist a third-party dropshipping company to fulfill the responsibility of reordering products and keeping track of stock levels.

Drop shipping trends 

drop shipping

Starting your dropshipping business requires:

  • real engagement,
  • creativity,
  • patience & persistence,
  • choosing the right niche,
  • attention,
  • flexibility,
  • basic online marketing skills such as: Shopify SEO, PPC, social media marketing, e-mail marketing etc.

I agree: creating a dropshipping store is easy, but generating sales and taking care of your clients isn’t really simple.

Dropshipping business model considered as a medium-risk business that is why you must reply to customer queries and stay connected with them until they're satisfied with their products.

Before creating your first dropshipping store make sure that you have chosen the right Ecommerce software solution for your e-shop.

What I can recommend from my experience is Shopify which is easy to start for FREE, stable, fast on any devices, last but not least SEO friendly eCommerce solution.


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