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Learn what is Kinesis Money and KAU Gold!


kinesis money

What is Kinesis Exchange?

Platform like Kinesis Exchange make it possible to digitize gold via a debit card so that you can transact accordingly. Kinesis gold (KAU) was launched by Kinesis. Founded in 2018, the Kinesis platform facilitates the exchange, management and monetary application of native physical gold and silver-based digital assets and cryptocurrency.

What is Kinesis Money?

Kinesis Money is a financial platform that offers a unique approach to digital currencies. It is designed to combine the stability of precious metals with the efficiency and flexibility of blockchain technology.

Kinesis Money allows users to own and trade digital currencies that are backed by physical gold and silver. The platform uses a unique system that converts fiat currency into a digital asset that is fully backed by allocated gold or silver bullion.

With Kinesis Money, users can buy, sell, and store digital currencies backed by precious metals. They can also use the platform to make payments and transfers to other users. The platform also offers a range of features and tools to help users manage their investments and track their transactions.

Overall, Kinesis Money is an innovative platform that provides a secure and reliable way for users to own and trade digital currencies that are backed by precious metals.

What is KAU ( kinesis gold) ?

Kinesis gold (KAU) is a gold-backed digital currency launched by Kinesis, a global trading and digital asset utility platform. Each Kinesis gold (KAU) token is backed by one gram of investment-grade gold bullion, securely stored in Kinesis’ fully insured, audited vaults.

kinesis gold

The mission behind KAU is to reintroduce physical gold as money and provide the global community with a stable store of value. By combining the key features of digital assets, Kinesis gold offers physical, fully-allocated, non-fiat-based assets that operate outside of traditional financial infrastructure.

All gold backing KAU is recorded on a transparent and immutable blockchain ledger and stored in secure, audited vaults - with the purchaser as the legal title owner of the metal.

KAU enables physical gold bullion to be instantly purchased, traded, spent and sent anywhere in the world, bringing real-world access, value, and utility to physical precious metals. Kinesis gold also serves as a true stablecoin, enabling traders to exit more volatile markets into the time-proven value of precious metals.

How to purcase KAU and KAG?

You can buy KAU ( gold ) and KAG (silver) on the Kinesis Exchange. It’s important to remember that only KAU held or traded on the Kinesis Platform is instantly spendable and eligible for a monthly yield.

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