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What is Brain Search Engine?

ccfound investing

Introducing the first Brain Search Engine created by ccFOUND

ccFOUND - known as the first Brain Search Engine. Google connects you with servers, ccFOUND connect you with people.

Imagine that you have a friend who knows about investing in apartments. 

Although he doesn't officially promote himself anywhere as an expert, he has a lot of experience.  And he's recently bought several new apartments in your area and just took out a large loan for another one. 

If you type the question in Google search bar: "How to invest in apartments". 

You won't find his answers because he's not building a personal brand, or running a blog, or a YouTube channel. 

But if you invite him for a coffee and ask the same question, you will get from him an answer no worse than the online experts who professionally deal with this topic.  

Your friend doesn't exist on the Internet, but he has valuable knowledge that he's willing to share with you if the opportunity arises. 

The first Brain Search Engine - ccFound is just such an opportunity. 

Going out for coffee with a friend and asking him/her to solve your problem. 

With one difference: ccFound allows you to "go out for coffee" not with one person, but with the whole world at once. So instead of getting one perspective, you get many. 

It's the first tool in the world to realize the vision of translating all content, to enable knowledge sharing across borders. 

ccfound website

ccFOUND platform

ccFOUND allow people to solve their problems for each other - Globally. 

This way, everyone helps on the topics they know about - and gets help on the things they need support on. ccFOUND save each other effort and time. 

What does this mean for you as a ccFOUND investor?

As you can see for yourself, the ccFound platform solves a real problem or even entire groups of problems: ordinary users, content creators, publishers and experts.

ccFound have a solid business plan and experience because they know how to monetize such a platform.

Before ccFound they created the Institute of Cryptography, the largest publisher of investment courses in Poland (revenue counted in tens of millions of zlotys). 

Now you can become a partner in something that has a chance to revolutionize 3 industries: online education, social media, blockchain simultaneously. 

found coin

The question is: which path will you choose?

The path of no action - you can watch and observe and later regret that you didn't invest (just like the investors who are spitting in their chins that they didn't buy Bitcoin in 2009) 


The path of action - you can benefit and profit from it, because by investing in ccFound project you earn in as many as 3 ways.

How you can save you savings from inflation?

When you Buy FOUND Coin and earn money from the same investment in 3 ways - as a results you can Save your Savings from Inflation.

It's just a few quick clicks for you, but a GREAT step towards financial freedom!  Invest here.

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