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5 sustainable startups to invest in 2022

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Azure Printed Homes aims to change the construction industry by leveraging 3D printing technology using recycled polymers to prefabricate modern backyard studios, Accessory Dwelling Units (‘ADUs”) and homes in an efficient and affordable manner. They are providing a fresh take on the construction industry by utilizing 3D printing recycled materials.

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Kombucha Town manufactures and sells fermented, ready-to-drink beverages; their non-alcoholic kombucha blends are healthy and sustainably-packaged. Kombucha Town is currently selling at over 1.2K stores across 20 states in the U.S., including Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Safeway, Sprouts, and Kroger.

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cool beans

Cool Beans has a line of frozen, minimally processed, plant-based wraps. They are available at 1,500+ stores, including Sprouts, Whole Foods (NE), Wegman's, and more. Cool Beans is a Climate Neutral-certified company and they are backed by angels including co-founders from Peapod, BeyondBrands, GreenFare, and more.

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Comrad makes compression socks that improve circulation, reduce pain, and provide all-day comfort. They are actively expanding its presence in retail and ecommerce; the brand launched on Amazon this year and has already inked deals with four major national retailers. Comrad has raised $2.2M to date from more than 25 investors, including doctors, pro athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, and more.

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Upshift is a flexible, convenient, and affordable alternative to leasing a hybrid or electric car. Riders can subscribe to a plan and upgrade, downgrade, cancel, or pause anytime and only pay for the days they drive. They have a team built of people with decades of experience in mobility and tech and $1.5M raised from MINI (BMW), Ford, Third Sphere, Climate Capital & angels.

Learn more about Upshift

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