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Learn how to invest in ESG-related projects!

ESG related projects

Half the world is now putting its money here: is it a great opportunity for investing, or you should avoid ESG investments?

ESG is one of the best-known three-letter abbreviation in today's financial and economic world. The acronym has come from nowhere in just a few years and is now taken into account by the self-respecting institutional investor, fund manager and investment service provider - increasingly in their actual decision-making mechanisms. 

ESG stands for Enviroment, Social and Governance, covering the areas of Environment, Social Impact and Corporate Governance.

Global megatrend of sustainability

To understand ESG investments, we need to start a little further afield. It is now a truism that our planet's resources are finite and that global resource management in its current form is not sustainable in the long term. Societies have responded to this in different ways in recent years, and sustainability efforts have emerged in all walks of life. For example, selective waste collection, recycling, energy-saving lifestyles, and the use and application of these in the smallest, most everyday ways.

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But how does all this relate to investment? In very simple terms, the basic function of the investment world (i.e. the money and capital markets) is to connect savers with those seeking funds (borrowers). The main underlying logic is that if capital flows towards ESG activities, then sustainable companies will have cheaper access to finance, making them more competitive with unsustainable (e.g. polluting) companies.

ESG investing is exploding

ESG investing exploding

According to the experts, "The market for these has been spectacularly open around the world, with many products claiming to be ESG appearing on the scene and thousands of billions of dollars flowing into ESG-related assets, making sustainability a global megatrend. Mutual funds and ETFs have emerged that pool stocks and bonds of the best ESG-rated companies, and we can now differentiate between them on the basis of EU legislation. A distinction is made between global green (promoting sustainability) and dark green (targeting sustainability) products."

How to invest in ESG-related projects?

Sustainable investing allows you to invest in: 

  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Clean Water
  • Climate Solutions
  • Gender Equality
  • Green Energy
  • Pet Welfare

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