Does Shopify the Best eCommerce Solution in 2022?

shopify 2022

Why is Shopify better to use compared to other eCommerce solutions?

When you check Google Trends you can see above - Why is Shopify better to use compared to Woocommerce or Magento.

Canadian Shopify is a complete eCommerce solution that helps SMBs to set up their own online stores and sell their products on multiple channels. From marketing through payments to inventory management & shipping – this platform handles everything you need to manage and grow your online business worldwide.

Is Shopify easy to use?

Shopify is used by all types of people from US small business to tech start ups and global multi-million dollar businesses. Some of the biggest brands use Shopify to sell products online.

Shopify Advantages

  • selling products on multiple channels. 
  • Shopify encourages you to make use of other potential sales channels to increase sales. 
  • Shopify “Buy Button”

With this feature, you can embed any product and add a checkout on your site. It’s a great tool to create a custom shopping experience for your visitors. Using the “Buy Button”, you can easily monetize your website or blog with just a single click.

Shopify supports over 100 international payment processors

Shopify comes with inbuilt payment such as: 

  • Amazon Pay, 
  • Apple Pay, 
  • PayPal. 
Your eCommerce store will also be able to accept direct payments via credit cards using Shopify Payment, which makes the shopping process smoother for your customers.

Shopify site performance is awesome

The TTFB (Time-to-first-byte) loading test is less than 300ms. That basically means that the store loads up really fast. It is very important according to SEO requirements!


Sell both digital and physical products

Using Shopify you can to handle both digital as well as physical products. They offer a free app that you can use to specify the types for your products.

Shopify POS integration

You can integrate Shopify POS into your physical shop and the data will then be shared between the POS and your online store. With Shopify POS system, you can manage your sales, inventory, customer data, etc, online and offline, on a single platform.

Extensive self-help documentation

Shopify offers comprehensive self-help documentation that you can use to get started. It’s useful for beginners and experts alike with helpful information such as definitions for technical terms as well as setup guides.

Useful add-ons

The wide range of apps that Shopify has to offer makes them one of the more versatile eCommerce solution in the market. Importify or Dropified app is one of the best Shopify app you can use for importing products into your online store.

Shopify abandoned cart recovery

Shopify abandoned cart recovery is designed to help you follow up with visitors who didn’t complete the checkout process. This feature used to be only available on the higher Shopify plans but they’ve recently decided to make it available on all plans – absolutely a great benefit to users.

Shopify Disadvantages

Customize theme using own PHP language

Shopify platform uses their self-developed PHP language called “Liquid”. All themes are coded in this format. It makes the theme customization harder unless you know how to code in Liquid or are willing to hire a developer who knows how to code Shopify themes.

Advanced features at a higher price

Shopify Basic plan only comes with the barest of features that you’ll need to run an online store. Advanced features like reports, fraud analysis, gift cards and real-time shipping rate only available on higher-tier plans.

Shopify App store

Although you can get a lot of useful adds-on from the Shopify app store, many of them are not free but if a particular paid app can help you save time or reduce the amount of hassle in your workflow, it might be worthy investment.

Email hosting is not included

Shopify doesn’t provide you with email hosting even though the web hosting is included in all Shopify plans. This means you can’t host a domain-based email address like

As you can see there are some disadvantages, but it’s usefulness outweights them.

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