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What are the Best Crypto savings accounts?

crypto savings

Learn how to deposit crypto and earn interest ranges from 1% to 10%

Searches for “crypto savings” have increased by 8900% over the past 2 years. And by 450% over the past year.

Crypto savings accounts let investors earn interest on deposited crypto assets, including stablecoins such as USDC or Tether.

 The current APY rate for Bitcoin savings accounts ranges from 1% to 10%, outperforming average high yield saving offers in US banks.

 Although, unlike traditional savings accounts, crypto savings accounts are not FDIC insured.

crypto savings account

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What is the future of crypto savings space?

Crypto trading & investing experts seeing a growing number of startups enter the crypto savings space, from lending platforms to wallet apps offering crypto rewards for their users.

Binance earn: You can earn interest on Binance if you've subscribed to Flexible Savings or even Binance Staking, Binance sends your interest to your Spot Wallet daily. By turning on the Auto-Subscription feature, Binance will take the earned interest and subscribe them into Flexible Savings. 

Binance earn provides a comprehensive set of staking and savings solutions for earning passive income from your crypto assets without having to trade. There are over 60 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to select from, with set or variable terms for earning interest.

Cake DeFi: Crypto savings accounts targeting non-technical users. The company plans to launch a mobile app this year (on top of their existing web app). The Singapore-based startup has raised $2.4M in funding to date.

KuCoin: Launched in September 2017, KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for over 400 digital assets. It currently provides Spot trading, Margin trading, P2P fiat trading, Futures trading, Staking, and Lending to its 8+ million users in 207 countries and regions around the world.

Ledn: BTC and USDC savings accounts operating in more than 100 countries. The startup generates interest (up to 9.5%) from lending activities on the platform. The Toronto-based startup closed a $30M Series A funding round in May 2021.

pointpay savings

PointPay: PointPay is UK-regulated company with international team that has created all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem of 4 products. Are you curious about how to maximize your earnings on PointPay? With PointPay, you can earn up to 8% annually on your assets. All you have to do is fund your savings account! 

Zipmex: Digital assets exchange with no minimum interest accounts. The company claims to provide $100 million insurance on custodial assets and offers interest payments daily. Zipmex’s total funding has reached $51.9M to date.

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  2. Staking and earning Interest on your crypto Is not risk free, always complete due diligence before parking your hard earned money, anything can happen.


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