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Introducing DMTR Farmer Token & Dimitra Ecosystem!

dimitra token

What is DIMITRA Blockchain Platform?

Dimitra's Agtech ( Dimitra Incorporated ) and Blockchain Platform democratizing access to technology for Smaller Farmers around the world and Utilizing blockchain for payments and data privacy. 

This canadian company is the industry leading Agricultural Technology company that has operations on 6 continents in over 60+ countries.

Integrated DNA technologies

They provide an ecosystem of agricultural technology products aimed at advancing small holder farming performance through the use of mobile technology, IoT sensors, artificial intelligence, blockchain, satellite imagery and drones.

If you search for Dimitra FarmerToken you can find valuable informations about the Dimitra Project on the internet. What it stands to achieve and impact in the lives of Small holders Farmer. I think “This is a magnificent project”!!!

Jon Trask, CEO of Dimitra said: 


dimitra farmer token

" As global warming and catastrophic events continue to affect the farmers globally delivering digital insurance access to smallholder farmers reduces the financial burden of climate change.”— Jon Trask, CEO.

Dimitra is building a Decentralized Agriculture Ecosystem

Dimitra leverages blockchain-powered technology to decentralize agriculture. The firm’s cutting edge is its all-in-one digital solution for smallholder farmers

Blockchain is being used very well from a track and trace perspective. To track from an organic farm and take those products and track them through the supply chain, it is becoming more and more important to the world.

dimitra satelite technology

DIMITRA Satellite technology can aid in:

  • Weather predictability
  • Monitoring crop health
  • Water management
  • Fertilizer application
  • Biomass mapping
  • Technology integration

This can transform the agriculture industries impact on farm yield, help to mitigate risk, & influence the global food crisis.

Token Audit 

$DMTR completed its Token Audit and resolved all findings and recommendations with Certik in August 2021

Why you should invest in Dimitra Token?

Increasing number of long-term investors invest in DMTR Token because it’s going to be the " Next Big Thing " to happen in the crypto market.

Who knows?!

According to Coinmarketcap the Current Dimitra Token price is: $2.75 USD.

dimitra token price

Dimitra Token Price Prediction

According to the DMTR Token is predicted to reach at a minimum level of $3.72 in 2022. The Dimitra Token price can reach a maximum level of $4.77 with the average price of $3.87 throughout 2022.

DMTR token is available on Kucoin Crypto Exchange platform.

Learn more about the Dimitra Ecosystem, DMTR Crypto Token, and Dimitra Roadmap.


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