Learn How to Earn Passive Income from Cryptocurrency

crypto earning

There are different ways to earn from Cryptocurrency

Trading: Trading in crypto is similar to trading in Stocks where we can buy and sell tokens/coins for profit margins. The volatility in crypto is huge and so is chance of earning profit.

Buying and HODLing: Hold For Dear Life. Its basically a famous jargon used in crypto world about holding crypto for long term. 

HODLing is the process where you buy some powerful cryptocurrencies with great concepts and good use cases and then hold them for quite some time with the hope for their prices to go significantly up. 

Once the coin price is high enough for you to make good profits, you can sell them in the cryptocurrency market. 

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin, BNB, etc. are good for long-term investment and HODLing. HODLing, however, doesn’t earn you any interest on your funds.

Staking: It refers to the process of investing or locking up your funds in a crypto-coin and earning new cryptocurrencies in the form of interest. In addition, you also get the benefit of price appreciation when you choose to hold your coins for a specific period.

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Bonus Coins/Tokens: Participating in bonus/airdrop offers is another nice way to earn with cryptocurrencies and doesn’t even require you to invest in anything. All you have to do in order to earn some free/bonus coins is join the airdrop or bounty program of a cryptocurrency and perform some easy tasks.

Dividends: Cryptocurrency dividends work more or less like stock dividends. You invest in a dividend cryptocurrency and earn fixed interest on your investment. You will need to buy and hold cryptocurrencies for the period you wish to earn interest.

Crypto referral programs: A crypto referral program is a very common and really good way to earn cryptocurrencies. You can simply register on the website, get your unique referral link and start referring and earning. You can promote DeFi ICO projects and make great money from home.


It may feel risky at first, but investing in cryptocurrencies is the right choice for 2021 because it’s much more profitable in the long-term. 

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