Where to Find Remote Cryptocurrency Jobs?

crypto jobs

Best Remote Crypto Jobs

Binance jobs

Binance is the number one cryptocurrency exchange platform on the internet. One of the main reasons why the Binance exchange is so popular is because they list so many different cryptocurrencies. There are now more than 1889 individual cryptocurrencies, with new ones being created almost every day. More than 100 different cryptocurrencies are available at Binance.

binance jobs

If you are seeking for remote position you can apply for Community Manager, Blockchain Developer, Staking Project Manager or Global SEO Specialist positions. The hiring process only takes 4 week with 4 interviews. Apply here: Binance Career.

Student Coin jobs

Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency directly related to the network of universities that helps in promoting the blockchain values and building the big international community. 

The Student Coin is run by students, faculties, and entrepreneurs from over 20 universities, including the Kozminski University, New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics and the Imperial College London. Many experts say Student Coin could be the Next Big Thing!

student coin jobs

Student Coin has many remote positions. If you want to join one of the fastest growing crypto startups you can apply for Full Stuck Developer, Smart Contract Developer or Online Marketing Specialist position. More info at Student Coin Career Page.

Publish0x crowdsource platform

Publish0x is a writing website for crypto bloggers but it also allows writing on other topics. Member can earn crypto for publishing and for reading or watching quality videos on this website. If you visit this platform it will look attractive for the writers, it shows the amount of earning publicly on every single article. 

publish0x earnings

When you get approved as an author of Publish0x you can start writing you first article and earning some crypto every day. If you like writing about cryptocurrencies join this Crypto Blogging Platform.

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