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Learn how to Start Making Money with Pionex Crypto Trading Bot!

pionex crypto trading

Learn how to use Pionex Crypto Trading Bots

In my previous post I wrote about Pionex exchange that provides 12 built-in trading bots on the platform itself. 

3rd party providers such as Binance, Bituniverse or Kucoin also support Grid Trading Bot for crypto traders but Pionex Grid trading bot is the most famous crypto trading bot for cryptocurrency trading bot traders.

Pionex features

  • Fee: 0.05% trading fee for maker and taker. 
  • No subscription fee is needed for the trading bot.
  • 12 built-in trading bots

How can you make money with Grid Trading Bot?

Traders can make money by investing in Bitcoin. When it comes to investing, the results largely depend on your trading skill and how much risk you can take. Grid trading bot helps you to buy low and sell high. Nothing more. 

It’s one of the best tools if you have a crypto trading plan in your mind. You don’t need to stick with the chart all day long but let the bot helps you to execute the trades.

Crypto trading bots are working in a volatile market and an uptrend market. It won’t work if the price just keeps going lower and lower.

What are the benefits of using a Grid Trading Bot?

According to Pionex’s 3 years of experience using a Pionex cryptocurrency trading bot in the crypto market, these are the core benefits for retail users to use a Grid Trading Bot with their investment into the crypto market:

  • Reliable strategy in the Crypto Market
  • Simplicity for all Crypto Traders
  • Versatility: you can set it up for the Short or Long term as well
  • Enhance Your Risk Management
  • Diversification
  • Automation
  • Never ALL-IN: Dollar-Cost Averaging tactic
These traders make daily profit as you can see on the screenshot. Click image to enlarge:

pionex trading platfrom

Using Pionex Grid Trading Strategy, you don’t need to wait for the perfect opportunity to “predict” the next move.

If the trend goes downwards, you buy cheap and then cheaper; if the trend goes upwards, you sell high and then higher; if it doesn’t go anywhere, you buy and sell and buy and sell, making profits from all the small fluctuations it does until it changes into a trend. 

So, while other strategies will miss out on most opportunities and maybe even make losses if their prediction is wrong, Pionex Grid Trading will make use and profit from any price movement, regardless of the direction - as long as the price doesn’t leave your range downwards without ever reversing back up.

Are you interested to make profit using Pionex Crypto Trading Bots? Register here!

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