How to Use the Presearch Decentralized Search Engine?

presearch search engine

What is the Presearch Decentralized Search Engine?

Canada, Ontario based Presearch is a decentralized search engine, powered by the community that provides better results while protecting your privacy and rewarding you when you search.

This company is building a complete ecosystem to support the PRE token and provide the world with a decentralized search engine that is powered by the community, for the community.

The PreSearch ecosystem includes:

  • Presearch token
  • Decentralized search engine
  • Presearch nodes
  • Keyword staking
  • Presearch marketplace
  • Ethereum blockchain

According to Coinmarketcap Presearch token price currently is: $0.1009.

presearch token price

Presearch believes that the best way to compete with the massive, centralized and monopolistic corporation that currently dominates search is to build a framework that enables people from all over the world to collaborate to build an open and decentralized search engine.

Benefits of using Presearch decentralized search engine

Community project

Community members can actively participate in the project using Presearch community chat groups, contributing open source packages to our source code repository, or simply as users or promoters helping build usage and awareness

Decentralized platform

Presearch is now preparing to release its first decentralized technology – a new search engine experience that runs on node servers operated by Presearch community members.

Better search results

The new Presearch Engine offers results that are as good as the world’s top search engines. It also provides an additional layer of data through community packages which makes those results even better. 

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For example, you can search Presearch for “Bitcoin or Ethereum” to see what the crypto package looks like. Over time, there will be additional results provided by a user-curated supplementary index.


In addition to better results, Presearch also protects your privacy because it does not track you or store your searches, and queries are handled by a decentralized network of node servers processing anonymized queries.


As a Presearch community member, you earn Presearch reward tokens when you search, when you operate a node, and when you refer others to join Presearch. There will be other opportunities to earn rewards as the project evolves further. Register here!

keywords staking

Keywords staking

One of the most interesting thing is Keywords staking and if you work in the SEO industry you know how keywords research and keywords rankings are important.

Keyword staking is the next big advertising opportunity for enterprising online marketers and entrepreneurs. This feature enables token holders to commit or ‘stake’ their PRE tokens against specific words and multi-word terms.

With Presearch Keyword Staking you choose a keyword (ex. ‘Bitcoin’) and then stake PRE tokens that you’ve purchased or earned against that term. You can then create an ad that you link to the website of your choice.

The company says during the initial launch phase of the platform, estimated to last until sometime in early 2021, there will be no cost for any traffic you receive through your ad. They will make an announcement well ahead of time to provide everyone with notice before we change this policy

So no cost per click, no cost per impression, and no cost per action. Just real, quality traffic from more than 1.5 millions+ Presearch users who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and internet power users. Sounds great?


Does Presearch is a new kind of advertising model?

Presearch is offering users an excellent search experience ( very important according to SEO ) and dedicated to creating significant value for marketers who would like to reach Presearch users. 

Advertisers can stake their PRE to a keyword, and whichever advertiser stakes the most tokens will have its ads displayed when a user searches on the term selected. Advertisers confer the most external value on PRE, so their success is very important to the ecosystem.

Don't forget: PreSearch is a Better Search Engine providing search choice, quality results, privacy and rewards to those who want to end the search monopoly and take back the web. Sign up here.

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