When You Need a Developer for Shopify

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Shopify developers are specializes in designing, maintaining and adding functionality to Shopify eCommerce stores

Sometimes Shopify eCommerce store owners seeking for skilled & proficient web developer to fix some website issues. In this blogpost I try to figure out what could be those issues.

Fixing duplication issues with Shopify products

For some products could be as many as three or more different variants coming up, but the best solution if you have one main product page for each product.

Fixing and redesigning website search

When a potential client try and search from the search results page it somteimes bring up a 404 issue, so an experienced and skilled Shopify Developer must fix this as soon as he/she can. 

Redesigning the search function can be powerful thus it looks more like an actual category page and filters so people can filter their search by product type as well as item size.

Editing the product sizing drop down menu

In many Shopify shops sizes that are both in and out of stock look the same in the drop down menu. In order to be visibly noticeable which sizes are out of stock this drop down menu must be edited.

Adding social sharing buttons to blog posts

Professional developers are able to setup social sharing buttons so that they are automatically added to the bottom of any new blog post and on existing blog posts.

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Shopify apps

Shopify developers are able to build apps and install Shopify apps to help you build your business, integrate with external services, and add features to your Shopify admin.

Adding filters to collections pages

When a developer add filters to Shopify store collections pages as a result customers can filter by size, price as well as product type.

Solving issue with products that are out of stock still appearing with other products in shop collections

Developers sometimes need to have Shopify SEO knowledge. Setting up an automatic redirect will prevent sold out items to be showing up with other products from collections but remain in the SERPs.

Adding sorting options to the store

Adding sorting options to Shopify can be useful for customers because they'll be able to sort by price (high to low and low to high) as well as other sorting options.

Advice: You can start with one product Shopify dropshipping store because it is the best time ( Q4 ) to jump in the eCommerce business. You can reach record sales in thousands online as this is the most important period of year!

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