Benefits of Writing SEO Friendly Content in 2020

content marketing 2020

Content is still King in SEO. Nowadays every online based companies are using SEO best practicies to make their website rank higher in SERP for targeted keywords.

These are the main benefits of writing SEO friendly content in this year.

1. Organic Ranking

Creating unique and detailed content helps in boosting website SEO ranking in Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing and other search engines.

When you write articles concentrate on high-quality and informative content which is attract new and returning readers.

2. Gain Exposure

SEO friendly content helps in gaining more exposure to the website. When you will write high-quality content for your website then more and more people will come and read your content.

Thus, which helps in gaining more exposure to the website.

3. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a key consideration in consumer behavior. SEO friendly content helps in increasing the brand awareness of your company.

When your company provide accurate information about products or services your brand awareness will increase and people will trust you.

Linkedin business page can help you to create more B2B, B2C connections around the World.

linkedin business page

Follow this guide to optimize your Linkedin business page for more impressions and clicks: Linkedin SEO Guide.

4. Engagement

When you write high-quality content for your website or e-shop blog then it helps to get more leads. When your content will be unique and the internet user will find what he/she is looking for then it will generate more potential customers and engagement.

5. Social Media Marketing

Use attractive images in articles then share these content through social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. High-quality content always attracts readers and as a result it helps to grab people's attention.

When you share informative and attractive content about your products or services it will make people to read your content and also grab the attention of people on social media platforms.

I hope it was useful !

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