Which eCommerce Solution is Better for Dropshipping: Woocommerce or Shopify?

woocommerce vs shopify

WooCommerce stores

WordPress.org is a self-hosted content management system that can be used to build websites as well as blogs. WordPress is the most popular ( CMS ) content management system in the World.

With the addition of plug-ins such as " WooCommerce " it can also be used to build eCommerce stores which allows you to sell your Products online. Add Yoast SEO plugin in order to optimize product pages for search engines.

To build a WordPress site one buys a domain and hosting from a hosting provider that supports WordPress. Hosting is usually paid for annually though prices are usually shown on a per month basis. While prices vary between hosting providers, shared hosting costs would be similar to Shopify's cheapest plan.  

One installs WordPress on their hosting account (often through an "easy install") system then picks a theme and starts adding pages and posts. Beginners may use pre-existing themes, while developers can create custom themes and incorporate more advanced features.

shopify for dropshipping

Shopify eCommerce solution

Canadian Shopify is a hosted platform that allows people to easily develop their first online store for Free.

While there are many hosted solutions available (Weebly, Wix, SquareSpace etc.) Shopify is focused specifically on e-commerce.

New users can create sites using their online Web site builder while advanced users and ( Shopify) developers can fully customize their sites by editing HTML, CSS and Liquid files.

Shopify may be the most featured ready-to-use e-commerce platform. It has all the basic features which any small business may need: product cards, order CRM, built-in analytics, SEO settings, payment gateway integrated, fraud analysis, blog, social network's integration and so on.

Shopify eCommerce store owners pay a monthly fee to use the service plus a percentage from sales. Different price points are available. Shopify has a good reputation and is used by many professional online sellers, dropshippers, developers around the Globe.

If you want to create an ecommerce store for dropshipping start with Shopify and upload your products today!

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