How To Avoid The Most Common eCommerce Mistakes?

ecommerce mistakes

What are the most common e-commerce mistakes? Read this!

One common mistake is launching a website and thinking its done. You have started selling online, maybe at first through social media and now you have your own e-shop.

Your website is meant to help you automate a lot of the manual social media selling operations.

Most people stop working on their website after they launch it. Huge mistake!

#1. Follow SEO requirements

Most of the online shop owners think of it as an online brochure, put it online and leave it.

The thing is websites, e-shops are never really done. They need proper SEO onsite settings according to Google requirements.

The same way you never really stop learning new things and you're always improving your e-commerce business, your website should also always be updated and improved.

ecommerce marketing guide

#2. What can you improve?

  • You can start by experimenting with - how your users browse around.
  • Are the best selling categories easily accessible? 
  • Can visitors get all their objections and questions answered about your products or services without having to ask you?
  • Are the checkout and pay process clear?

#3. Website technical performance

You need to know:

  • How fast or slow is your website? 
  • Are you using SSL cerificate (HTTPS) ?
  • Does your website loading properly on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets

Poor website performance doesn’t reflect well on a company and unhappy customers will go looking for the same products somewhere else. 47% of shoppers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less and will abandon a site if it doesn’t load fast enough.

79% of customers dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to make a repeat purchase. That’s real money that’s lost because a site just isn’t fast enough.

Use " Google mobile-friendly test " tool for FREE.

These 3 areas are a good place to start improving your website.

As a results you will experience increased sales and reduced costs!

All the best! 

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